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Exploring Subon Cave

After around 7 months since Matanao reopened tourism, we were back again last weekend in this municipality in Davao del Sur as the Department of Tourism Xl held its first of a series of Tourism Circuit Development Familiarization Tour. Led by regional director Tanya Rabat Tan and her team, the familiarization tour was participated by the representatives of the LGU of Matanao, tour operators and media.

Known for its various natural attractions, such as scenic rolling hills, waterfalls, rivers, and caves, the tour participants explored the Subon Cave in Barangay Asbang. According to municipal tourism officer Clover Jane Caballero, Subon Cave is a Class ll cave. Caves in the Philippines are classified by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Cave Management Committee, and the Protected Area Management Board (in protected areas). Class II caves are those with areas or portions that have hazardous conditions and contain sensitive geological, archeological, cultural, historical, and biological values or high-quality ecosystems. It may be necessary to close sections of these caves seasonally or permanently (Subon is closed during the rainy season). However, it is allowed for experienced cavers or guided educational tours or visits.

One of Subon’s prominent features is the presence of water all throughout the trail. Spelunkers may wade through waist deep waters and crawl into narrow crevices as they navigate themselves inside the cave. Subon is abundant with stalagmites and stalactites as well as calcified limestone formations. A hole in Subon’s canopy, which can be accessed via rappelling, signifies the end of Subon’s trail.Visitors may take a break at Amgat Fye Tikong Waterfall nearby after their spelunking adventure. Sub’on Cave is identified as community-based ecotourism as it employs local Blaan residents in Sitio Talambato as cave guides, tour guides, cave receptionists, and cave guardians.

Interested visitors may contact Matanao Tourism Office at 09630651021. Caving fee is PhP200 per person complete with caving gears and orientation. Special thanks to Davao del Sur Provincial Tourism Officer Kervin Joseph Elijay and Municipal Tourism Clover Jane Caballero.




Article posted by: Mr. Ian Ray Garcia