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The Municipality of Matano is a second-class municipality in the Province of Davao Del Sur. Matanao was founded on June 17, 1957 when 30 barrios previously under the Municipality of Bansalan were grouped together to form the Municipality of Matanao. The Municipality was created by virtue of Republic Act 1902, otherwise known as “An Act Creating the Municipality of Matanao, Province of Davao” approved in June 1957. As of the latest 2020 census, Matanao has a population of 60,493 people.

Matanao literally means “a place to see” or a “vantage point” from the translation of the name to Cebuano. 

The total land area of Matano is 20,240 hectares. The whole municipality is divided into 33 barangays, with Barangay Poblacion being the center of the municipality. Matanao is predominantly a rice farming municipality, with a portion of the area cultivating banana.

Vincent F. Fernandez

Municipal Mayor

Mayor's Message

Dear Fellow Matanaoans,

     I cannot fathom the gruesome reality that our fellow Matanaoans experienced for the past years, starting from the series of devastating effects of earthquakes in 2019, until today, as we combat the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in our municipality. 

     Our people in Matanao showed that there is much greater strength in unity amidst the never-ending struggle of life in general and further proved that resiliency can go a long way to not lose hope and to continue fighting for daily survival.

     With those being said, my platform of government is about helping the economy in Matanao bounce back again with our different projects and programs including the massive infrastructure projects reaching out to all of our thirty- three (33) barangays, the introduction of our tourism industry, our continuous support to our farmers, livelihood projects, social services and most especially programs relating to health and health services in the municipality.

     I am confident that Matanao is on the right track towards becoming a developed municipality as road projects open all route access from our neighboring municipalities in Davao del Sur, South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat.

     I welcome you all to our official website and may you continue to support all the programs, projects and activities of our LGU-Matanao.

Stay safe and amping tang tanan sa makanunay!


Matanao commits and endeavors to foster and institutionalize full sectoral participation in all spheres of local development in order to attain a better quality of life of the people within the planning period by achieving:

• High consciousness as God-centered and peace-loving, socially responsible community;

• Efficient, effective, competitive and productive agri-industrial and eco-tourism based local economy;

• Climate change adaptive, disaster resilient and environmentally cognizant and constituency; and

• Proficiency in local governance operating on the principle of transparency, accountability and pro-active/dynamic leadership


     A paragon of integrated agri-industrial and eco-tourism based economy in the region, propelled and nurtured by industrious and empowered God-centered, climate adaptive, disaster resilient and responsible environment stewards who are living comfortably in a safe environment, ably governed by strong-willed, pro-active, transparent and accountable leadership.

Municipal Government of Matanao.



This section lists all the thirty-three (33) barangays comprising the whole Municipality of Matanao and all relevant information about each barangay. All the rest are classified as rural areas with the exception of Barangay Poblacion which serves as the center for trade and commerce of the whole municipality. Data from the 2010 census shows that the most populous barangay is Barangay Poblacion with 4,969 people while the least number of residents are in Barangay Saub with only 467 people. 

Municipal Government of Matanao.



The Sangguniang Bayan of Matanao is the law-making body of the municipality. Headed by the vice-mayor, each Sangguniang Bayan member crafts ordinances that will help Matanaons have a better quality of living. 

Here are some of the latest ordinances passed by the Sangguniang Bayan of Matanao. 


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