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Receipt of Application for Employment

The  municipality of Matanao  is open and  has no discrimination of applicants for employment  on the account of age, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. civil status, disability  , religion  or political affiliation.  Provided, applicants are qualified and have meet the minimum requirements set by the CSC Qualification Standard.

The list of Publication of vacancies shall be posted in three (3) conspicuous places (Full Disclosure Board, HRMO Bulletin and Terminal area) in 15 calendar days. For list of vacant positions authorized  to be filled with its corresponding Qualification Standard and Plantilla Item Number CSC (Form 9, Revised 2018) in electronic copy shall be posted by the CSC FO in its bulletin board then it will be forwarded to CSC RO concerned which shall be publish the same in the CSC bulletin  of Vacant positions in the government in the CSC website.

Office or Division:Human Resource Management Office
Type of Transaction:G2C – Government to Citizens
Who may avail:All interested applicants to apply for vacant positions
Application LetterFrom the level of the applicant
Personal Data Sheet (CSC Prescribed Form)HRMO or in store who supply and have available CSC prescribed form
Proof of school records ( Photocopy only)Applicant’s copy
1. Submit to the HRMO the application letter signifying the position applied for1. Accept the application letter of the applicant in a folder and with a stamped received as proof of receipt and then endorse to HRMO.None3 minutesMO staff if it is in the Mayor’s Office and Job Order staff in the HRMO
2. Proceed to the Office of the HRMO2. Checks the attached documents, then conduct a short interview to the applicant

(Note) For qualified applicants of vacant plantilla positions, schedule of HRMPSB will be informed immediately to the applicants
None10 minutes
3 minutes
1 minute

Assigned HRMO